Among the advantages of carbon fiber sports equipment

Natural fibers not only have intrinsic properties of carbon materials, and both soft workability textile fibers. It accounted for less than a quarter of the steel, but the strength is very strong. And its outstanding corrosion resistance, is a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Carbon fibers are widely used in civilian, military, construction, aerospace and super sports cars.

Frame advantage

Carbon fiber frame is characterized by a "light, steel is good, good shock absorption," however, give full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber, technically does not look so easy, the quality of the carbon fiber material differences between the manufacturers as well. Bicycle manufacturers consider the cost issue, unlikely to be used to produce high-grade carbon fiber frame. Despite these practical problems, but has the advantage of carbon fiber frame or other materials that are not possible to produce a lightweight bicycle 8,9kg about this lightweight carbon fiber bike, climbing the hill when most can manifest its advantages, successfully climbing the hill and refreshing. And not as some light aluminum frame, while climbing the hill felt a pull back force.