Bicycle design prototype

In 1790, there is a Frenchman named Schiff Mubarak, he was particularly fond of their brains. One day, he was walking on a street in Paris, one of the world because the former rain, rain on the road a lot of the plot, it is not good to go. Suddenly, a carriage rolling in from behind, narrow street, very wide carriage, Siv Mubarak hide to hide fortunately not hit by a car, or be splashed a mud and rain. Others saw it, sorry for him, but also angry Zhi Ma, want to cry carriage stopped unreasonable representations. Schiff Mubarak has murmured: "Do not cry, do not cry, let them go." Carriage walked away, he just stood on the roadside, he was thinking: the road so narrow, pedestrian and then more, why not altered the structure of the carriage of it? It should be cut down half of the carriage, the front and rear wheels of the four wheels into two ...... he thought, to go home on hands-on design. After repeated tests, the first aircraft in 1791 to travel by "Trojan wheel" car made out. The first car is a bicycle made of wood, its structure is relatively simple, neither drive nor steering rider feet firmly placed against the front row, changing directions only move off the car. Even so, when Siv Mubarak riding a bike ride to the park, the presence of people are quite surprised and impressed.