Carbon fiber pipe production characteristics

Carbon fiber forming process which is resin-impregnated carbon fiber thread after the polymerization in the high thermally integrated optoelectronic device is cured after pultrusion traction. Due to the different varieties of resin used, it is fiberglass polyester, glass fiber reinforced epoxy, phenolic FRP said. They are light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, high temperature, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Carbon fiber tube with its many unique advantages in the oil, electricity, chemicals, paper, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment plants, desalination, gas transportation and other industries on a wide range of applications. As China's urbanization process accelerated,

Faced with balance and protect the population, resources and environment, governments at all levels in the year to increase investment in urban infrastructure, combined with advanced science and technology needs, pipe, tube and constantly enrich the varieties and specifications, production continues to increase, constantly improve quality, in particular, the development of plastic pipe faster, become the hot spot for investment. Carbon fiber is just one of them.