Effect of carbon fiber products price factors?

Carbon fiber products is one of the main products of special fibers, different fibers and familiar routine, not as a clothing material, but replace steel, aluminum alloy material. With advances in technology, now carbon fiber has been used in sports goods, medical equipment, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields, and its products include carbon fiber, carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber, carbon fiber parts.

Carbon fiber products according to different raw materials can be divided into polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber, viscose based carbon fiber, up to the amount of use of the former, accounting for more than 90% of manufacturing carbon fiber products are also used by PAN-based carbon fibers. As a new material, we all know that carbon fiber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, abrasion, light weight, etc., originally used in the military and took a fancy to the shuttle above its high temperature performance. Carbon fiber precursor may be in the thousands of degrees is not deformed environment, it does not burn. Retardant carbon fiber, in addition to the carbon fiber precursor, as well as resin and other additives, as long as the better choice resin, it still can be resistant to temperatures several hundred degrees Celsius, used in the electronic products are more than full.