Anshun Development Zone National Mountain Bike Invitational Open Tourism Poverty Alleviation

Nearly thousands of athletes from all over the country actively sign up to participate in the men's elite group (32 km) four laps, middle-aged man group (24 km) 3 laps, prizes (16 km) 2 laps, the national fitness group (simple circuit 1 ring 20 km).  The mountain bike competition is fierce

Anshun economic and technological development zone leaders said the 2016 anshun development zone "triad, ride a joy endless charm" national mountain bike invitational tournament not only promoted the domestic level of mountain bike and promote the development of the national fitness program, at the same time or anshun economic and technological development zone of new mode of tourism poverty alleviation

After the fierce competition, we ODIN represent has achieved very good results

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