Carbon Fiber Products

Cormier professional R & D, design, production and operation of carbon fiber products manufacturer. The main product categories are: carbon fiber golf clubs, carbon fiber shell phone, carbon fiber paddles, carbon fiber tubes, other innovative carbon fiber products. Cormier is a manufacturer of carbon fiber products, we provide OEM for all kinds of carbon fiber products manufacturing and services. Factories have their own injection workshop, assembly plant, to undertake external processing projects motherboard, rush orders to meet customer demand for large orders. Cormier has become a strategic business partner brands, designated collaboration manufacturers. We have introduced a variety of carbon fiber as raw materials new high-tech environmental protection products, highlighting the times of manufacturing capacity and service force. Cormier aim is to not only solve the problem of quantity and quality, but by way of the supply, the use of information technology integration with customers, and truly become their production lines. Technology, speed, cost, timely, etc. continue to optimize the product realization process in a timely manner to meet changing customer requirements, realize the value of alienation, improve market competitiveness, and achieve the purpose of long-term cooperation and common development from. Cormier spirit of "people-oriented, quality first, reputation first, the customer first" business philosophy, unity, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative spirit of the company, service and development for the company policy strategy.