Carbon Fiber Products Manufacturers How To Process Carbon Fiber Material

The world's first carbon fiber is a cellulose extracted, the most famous example is the Edison incandescent filament, but now has become the production of polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber material, since the production of this material, then the conversion rate, good product quality. If man-made fibers fully impregnated before carbonation, having highly oriented in a silicone oil, it can produce high-strength carbon fiber precursor. We have seen carbon fiber, carbon fiber tubes or other carbon fiber products are made using the original Sijia.

Carbon fiber tubes: carbon fiber tube using filament winding. First coated on the core mold release agent, and then after the carbon fiber tow prepreg is wound onto a mandrel, finally releasing cured. It can be processed into fishing rods, flagpoles, frame, golf clubs, aircraft wings skeleton.

Carbon fiber rods: carbon fiber rods using pultrusion, which is the resin impregnated carbon fiber, the role of traction, by pultrusion molding. It is mainly used as a structural material, such as a kite skeleton, lamp holder.

Carbon Fiber Cloth: Carbon Fiber Cloth is made of carbon fiber precursor preparation, depending on the method of weaving, plain weave, twill, satin, one-way, two-way, etc., without patterns cloth slightly different functions, such as unidirectional fabric strength are concentrated in one direction, the strength of the cloth is dispersed in two-way directions.