Classification Of Carbon Fiber

Pitch-based carbon fiber, viscose based carbon fiber, phenolic-based carbon fiber, vapor grown carbon fibers; according to the performance can be divided into general-purpose, high-strength, high strength of the mold, high and ultra-high model of carbon fiber model; according to the state of divided filament, staple fiber and chopped fibers; divided according to the mechanical properties and high-performance general-purpose type. General-purpose carbon fiber strength of 1000 MPa, a modulus of about 100G Pa. High-performance carbon fiber is divided into high strength (strength of 2000 MPa, modulus 250G Pa) and high model (modulus 300G Pa above). Strength greater than 4000 MPa, also known as ultra-high-strength type; modulus of greater than 450G Pa called ultra-high model. With the development of aerospace and aviation industry, but also the emergence of high strength and high elongation carbon fiber, its elongation greater than 2%. The largest amount of polyacrylonitrile PAN-based carbon fibers. [14] on the market for more than 90% carbon fiber to PAN-based carbon fiber-based. Because carbon fiber veil of mystery is not yet fully opened, people still can not directly use carbon or graphite to make, but to use some of the carbon-containing organic fibers (such as nylon yarn, acrylic yarn, rayon, etc.) as raw material, organic fibers plastic resin combined with carbon fibers obtained by carbonization.