Functions And Features Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Structure

With carbon fiber composite reinforced concrete structure, can play the following roles:

(1) improve the structural resistance to bending. Usually CFRP plate or in the bottom of the beam when the beam and plate bending deformation of CFRP and steel plate girder or within the joint force, working together, can effectively improve the ability to resist bending beam or plate deformation.

(2) to extend the service life of the structure. Since the carbon fiber sheet coated concrete structure to improve the ductility and bearing capacity of the structure, but also play a protective role for the structure, and therefore extend the service life of the structure.

(3) improve the structural shear capacity. Carbon fiber cladding structure column (cylindrical and square columns, etc.) or piers (piers and pier, etc.), due to the effect of carbon fiber lateral restraint stress state changed columns or piers, can increase its shear resistance and axial bearing capacity of especially in the event of an earthquake, can effectively prevent the column or pier produce brittle destruction.

(4) delayed cracks, crack suppression continue to expand. After the concrete structure is covered with carbon fiber, cracking capacity has been greatly improved, so the time can be delayed cracks. Crack structure has been generated, which can effectively inhibit its continued development.