Guizhou Majiang Miaoling Ladder 36 Turn Bicycle Uphill Challenge Match On Aug 28th 2016

Guizhou majiang miaoling ladder 36 turn  bicycle uphill challenge match On Aug 28th 2016

225 cyclists from inside and outside the provinces participated in the competition. Games men's elite group, middle-aged group, three big prizes among men. Competition from xuanwei qiaotou town rich river village weng neusoft as a starting point to the southeast mountain, schedule about 5 km.

The match began, and male and female athletes with one to the destination. Due to track DouXian, altitude, big difference, the more of the bend, the athletes with stamina and strength to support the largest, finally from ODIN (China) team xiao-yun zhu won the prizes for the first place, from Mr. Tao (China) team Chen Xiangyuan player won the men's middle-aged group first, they all used the ODIN mountain carbon racing wheelset 

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