In 2016 The Seventh Ring Poyang Hu International Bicycle Racing Kicked Off On September 12th

In 2016 the seventh ring poyang hu international bicycle racing kicked off on September 12th


Sponsored by the provincial government in 2016, the seventh ring poyang hu international bicycle contest on September 12, the curtain JingAn county. Upcoming wugong mountain is the competition of the 10th standing.

Schedule of yi chun city JingAn county, jiujiang city wuning county, nanchang high-tech zone, also the leping, yiyang yingtan city hengfeng county, fuzhou city downtown, xinyu fairy lake, the dragon, pingxiang wugong mountain, mount it upcoming fighting skill, ganzhou city shangyou, a total of 11 city divided into districts. Competition is scheduled for September 12 solstice 23, 2016. Will serve as the first stop of this contest site JingAn county. At that time, hundreds of bicycle players from home and abroad will be a fierce competition

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