In July 5 2016 ODIN Rider Get Jishou China Shirley Cup Aizhai Road Bike Spectacle Fourth Open Title Chamption

The race route from Walled Yang Township dawn Greenway Plaza, the starting point, riding along the 209 State Line Road, Way Village Yang Village, Lang Ping village, town Aizhai, Aizhai winding road, and finally reach the terminal Aizhai Bridge plaza sightseeing, full 23 kilometers, divided into men's road open, elite group of mountain men, men's mountain Volkswagen group, Volkswagen group mountain woman.ODIN rider  represents ODIN join the  game, ODIN specializing in the production of carbon wheelset competition

 Although temperatures up to 33 degrees, but the enthusiasm is high competition athletes, At last ODIN rider won the championship 

ODIN racing carbon wheel is the professional rider  choice  

    Odin composite technology specializes in production of carbon Bike wheelsets, carbon bike frames, carbon bike rims and other carbon bicycle parts. welcome to contact us.


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