Jiyuan City 2016 Nanshan Rin The Sixth Bicycle Open

In-depth development to promote the national fitness activities, experience jiyuan nan shan's rural amorous feelings, the landscape of the Yellow River xiaolangdi reservoir area, enjoy green ride. Jiyuan city 2016 nanshan "ring" the sixth bicycle open will be held on August 21

The bicycle open hosted by jiyuan city, home is located in the beautiful scenery of nanshan, 35 km of track were mostly ramp. Competition is divided into mountain bike, young men, middle-aged men, women, as well as road bike group of four categories. After intense competition, the four categories of crown were the Chen Xiangyuan Hu Ziyun in jiangxi, hunan, zhejiang Liao Binbin, jiangxi Zhou Kejiang won.

Our city bike open since 2011, has successfully held six sessions, each year attracts a lot of cycling enthusiasts from all over the country to participate. , so to speak, has become a "tour DE nan shan" open city "green card" of foreign exchanges, enhance friendship, become a new jiyuan construction, create a new positive power of life!

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