National Carnival - Hunan Liuyang Shamao Mountain Cup Challenge

This is a sponsored by local villagers financing game, this is a whole-sponsored by the local club competition, which is the first step towards the league Liuyang area bicycle. July 10, Hunan Liuyang "Shamao Mountain Cup" Challenge in Liuyang City, Jing Mountain Village Sha mao opened, after fierce competition at a high temperature, the main achievements in each category are as follows:

Elite Group: Champion Chang Qinwu

Masters Group: Champion Wang Jiadong

Women's groups: Champion ODIN rider ZHU Xiao-yun

Experience Group: Female Male Champion champion Liao Yan Xu Xiaojun

The tournament track is about 10km, climbing 2.5km contains some concrete pavement and gravel road climbing a period of about 3km, mountain areas as Liuyang League first attempt, local villagers have to contribute to clearing the game obstacles, and the local cycling club will take on the work of the organizing committee, division of labor, for the game escort. Match started at 8:00

In the women ODIN rider ZHU Xiao-yun superior strength, stamina generous way still throw off solo breakaway to win

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