Stylish And Durable Carbon Fiber Cell Phone Case

There are many mobile phones now on the market housing, and some look very beautiful, complicated pattern, but practical function is not very good, easy to damage; some practical function well, but too thick, unsightly appearance, and now the mobile phone market mainly housing bias in the former, after all, even the appearance does not look good cell phone shell, very few people go back later. There is no best of both worlds approach? Both beautiful and can really play a role in protecting your phone. Carbon fiber shell phone appears to solve the problem.

1, ultra-light, ultra-thin. Thickness 0.6mm, weight is only 8g. Giving than you think thin perfect experience. In his hand, almost feel it's there, set on the phone does not increase a lot of weight.

2, carbon fiber composite materials, to create a more colorful, more beautiful style. Solid weaving process presents delicate and authentic touch, different angles show different gloss, stereoscopic 3D lines weave stylish and elegant style. After complicated manual processes, the use of carbon fiber filaments to countless knit texture of such a high standard protective shell.