The Use Of Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber products is one of the commonly used carbon fiber products, which are mainly two ways of forming, pultrusion and winding. Pultrusion is a resin-impregnated carbon fiber thread under traction by the action of curing mold; winding process sucked carbon fiber yarn prepreg after wound onto the mandrel.

Carbon fiber is widely used products, including golf clubs, fishing rods, camera tripod, bracket, sailboat masts, up flagpoles, ski poles, trekking poles and the like. Xiao Bian pick a few commonly used specifically explain. Fishing is a very popular sport, all ages. Previous fishing rods are made of wood, elasticity and strength is limited and long-term immersion in water easily broken. Carbon fiber fishing rod high strength, elastic modulus, light weight, corrosion resistance is also waterproof, no deformation. As its name holder, the main play a supportive role in life, many places are used to get. For this product, the basic requirement is a good stability. Carbon fiber earthquake, strong, fully meet the requirements.