The Use Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plate

1. Surface Treatment

(1) Clean the surface of the structure is reinforced cut off, loose, cellular, and corrosion deterioration of concrete, exposed concrete structure layer, and restorative material surface repair leveling.

(2) shall be in accordance with the design requirements of the cracks pouring or closed treatment.

(3) is pasted concrete surface should be polished smooth to remove surface laitance, oil and other impurities, until completely exposed concrete structure of the new surface. Corner pasting governed by a chamfered and polished into a circular shape, for beams arc radius should be not less than 20mm. For the arc column radius should be not less than 25mm.

(4) concrete surface with cotton wool dipped in acetone wire clean and dry.

2. Paste the fiber sheet

(1) CFRP sheets should meet the following requirements:

According to the size of the design requirements of cutting carbon fiber sheet;

Impregnating resin formulation in accordance with the provisions of goods and technology suppliers, and you want to paste evenly on the site;

With a special carbon fiber direction several times along the drum roll, exclude air, fully saturated with resin impregnated carbon fiber sheets. When not damage the rolling carbon fiber sheets.

Multilayer Paste Repeat the above steps should be carried out as soon as possible in the surface layer of resin-impregnated carbon fiber touch dry after the next layer of paste; (Note: In the final surface layer of carbon fiber sheet evenly impregnating resin)